Lume Web DNS Relay

Lume Web DNS Relay is a high-performance and reliable DNS service provided by Lume, a cloud infrastructure solutions provider.
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Lume Web DNS Relay is a DNS (Domain Name System) service provided by Lume, a cloud infrastructure solutions provider. It is designed to provide high-performance and reliable DNS resolution for web applications and services.

The Lume Web DNS Relay service operates as a recursive DNS resolver that queries authoritative DNS servers to resolve domain names into IP addresses. It uses advanced caching techniques to minimize the response time and reduce the load on authoritative servers.

One of the key features of Lume Web DNS Relay is its ability to handle large volumes of DNS queries and traffic. It is designed to scale automatically to handle peak loads and prevent service disruptions or slow response times.

Lume Web DNS Relay also provides security features such as DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection. DNSSEC adds a layer of cryptographic security to DNS queries and responses, while DDoS protection defends against malicious attacks that attempt to overload the DNS infrastructure.

Lume Web DNS Relay is available as a standalone service or as part of Lume's cloud infrastructure solutions. It can be accessed through an API or web interface, and it supports a wide range of DNS record types.

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