Roxy-WI is an open-source web interface for managing HAProxy that provides a user-friendly graphical interface for configuration and monitoring.

Roxy-WI is an open-source web interface for managing the popular reverse proxy server, HAProxy. It provides a user-friendly graphical interface that enables administrators to easily configure and monitor HAProxy instances, as well as perform various administrative tasks.

Roxy-WI offers features such as SSL certificate management, automatic configuration generation, real-time monitoring, and health checks. It also provides visualization of server statistics and log analysis for troubleshooting purposes.

Roxy-WI is designed to simplify the management and configuration of HAProxy, especially for users who may not be familiar with the command-line interface or configuration files. It also allows multiple HAProxy instances to be managed from a single interface, making it suitable for managing large-scale deployments.

Roxy-WI is easy to install and configure, and it can run on any Linux distribution. It is also extensible, and new features and plugins can be added through the use of custom scripts and plugins.

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